Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Old Stuff while I do New Stuff

So I'm currently in process of  creating some character sketches (and eventually actual illustrations) for a book. Written by http://k-writerly.livejournal.com/. Go check out her page.......lalalalala.  Oh Hi You're back. I'm also have sketches for a book my mom wrote,  a book I have an idea for and redoing some pages from a book I did in college that I and my cohert at http://crowedesigns.com/, did way back in college and might try to self-publish.
So I need to scan some of these said images but while I'm doing that..... some older stuff I have saved on my harddrive.   This one has the ultra creative name of 'Rainbow Fairy'.  Yeah, I know, I know...lame apparently my creativity is reserved for artsy craftsy things.


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