Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Alice for Keru

So a couple versions of Keru's  Alice character for her upcoming book.  Trying to decide between a prissy or  artsy version of the character.  I'm trying to go for an asian looking character.  Methinks I'm going to have to sculpt maquettes for these characters once they are hammered down so I have a good reference to keep the characters features looking consistent.
So Ker, which version do you like?

Btw...character name and story copyright Keru Writerly, artwork copyright mine...Michelle Gonzalez 2011


Anonymous said...

Hey! This is Keru. I definitely like her more eclectic look rather than "Miss Prissy" there. I think it matches more with Hat Town and how everything (the people and the hats) are such a hodge-podge (I think I spelled that wrong... oh well!) of styles and cultures.

These are great sketches, Michelle. Alice is fantastic! I love her charm!

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