Tuesday, October 16, 2012

More Jungley art

Or an alternative Title: Hey I never posted the finished paintings.

  You know the one for the twins. And yes I did end up using watercolor pencils...I really love those things.  I think they are going to be my new go to medium.  Let's see..the for the borders I ended up finding some cool scrapbook paper at Michaels, so much easier than painting it and they have glitter.  I like glitter.  So I think you all can tell the Eliza is based on Carters Jungle Jill line and Nigels on the No Jo Jungle babies.

Hope to have some more original (not based on anything) artwork in the near future.  My 40 week project is nearing completion about a week early,  it's a collaboration between me and my husband.


Sihaya Atreides said...

Those are really cool! I want one...or 3 :P

mrslilypond said...

For your kids...it'd be Zombies or something of that nature :)

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