Saturday, June 14, 2008

Yet another blog

Since my other blog, you know the one meant to be my arts/crafts blog, has been taken over by my lil passenger....whom we won't get to meet til November. Soooo. I figured it was time to create a new one.
I've decided to "try" to sketch a min. of 15 mins, which was in part inspired by one, the goals of the mommyart blog, two: thefact I'm doing a step by step sculpting powerpoint presentation for my computer class, and third, I just miss being creative.

If I finish any crochet projects and other craft type endeavors they will get posted here as well.

My epiphany if you will, alot of my 'best' artwork has a decidely "cute" feel to it, so yes I'm finally succumbing to the 'cute' side'. Wish me luck.


Sihaya said...

good luck. Lord knows I'm not making any progress on my "daily drawing" project.
Of course I've been doing stuff with the kids instead so..does that count? I just spent $80 at blick's for new tubs of clay and some craft stuff to keep the kids occupied.
I've really been wanting to paint but...I dont want to clean up the brushes and stuff when I'm done...

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